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Arabic MP3 and Written Resources

  1. Global Recordings:  GRN have the Gospels in Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Lebanese, Palestinian, etc. (mp3 and wav free to download): http://globalrecordings.net/country/SA  To order cassettes or CDs, please contact: orderdept@globalrecordings.net  Ph 951-719-1650 (212)

  2. Audiotreasure: The four Gospels and Psalms in MP3 format. http://www.audiotreasure.com/mp3/Arabic/  If you click on any of the individual books, it will take you to a menu with the book divided into many small sub-files, but also at the bottom of the list you can download a single zip file with the whole book in it.  These recordings don't have music in the background.

  3. Kitab al-Sharif in text and Injil al-Sharif audio:

  4. ArabicBible.com   The Bible for Real Player.  Also the Gospels are available in MP3

  5. These websites contain many written, audio, and video bible studies, sermons, songs, and scripture in Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic:  www.kalematallah.com   www.baytallah.com

  6. Written Bible in many languages including Arabic from:
    http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html   http://www.onlinebible.com/html/other/index.htm

  7. International Bible Society:  Arabic MP3 Bible (Book of Life translation):

  8. Other resources in MP3 format:


Worship Songs: (words, chords, video)


Happy Day

 Marvelous Light
 You Never Let Go
 Everlasting God
 Missions Flame
 O Praise Him


Tyndale House List

Arabic Language

Complete 8-Volume Lane's Arabic Lexicon
Tyndale House is proud to announce the free online publication of an indexed
version of this complete lexicon, with easy-to-use features such as magnification,
and tabbed page lookup, in co-operation with studyquran.org who provided the scans.

The Memoirs of Lane in the lexicon are fascinating, even if you aren't interested in Arabic.
During his voyage to Alexandria as a teenager to learn Arabic, they hit a ferocious storm,
and the useless crew didn't know how to navigate. "The captain entreated Lane to take the
helm. Fortunately navigation had formed part of his mathematical studies, but he was little
more than a boy .... and he had to be lashed to the wheel or he would be washed overboard."

2. LetterLookup with Arabic
Click on the first two letters of a root to find all possible words in the Qur'an
A quick lookup dictionary with links to full text lexicons.
Also works for Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Akkadian

3. Learn Arabic - links to introductions, grammars, and Arabic conjugator etc.