New Testament

Serving Christ

In Sudan

Cush Cush shall hasten to stretch out her hands to God.


Your next-door neighbour will be honoured to assist with pronunciation and grammar.

Printing:  The Word files are set to print out in 'Landscape', with 2 pages to an A4 sheet.  So, if you print pages 16,1,14,3,12,5,10,7,  then turn the 4 A4 sheets upside-down and print pages 2,15,4,13,6,11,8,9 on the back, then you have the first 16 pages in a booklet.  The rest of the dictionary can be printed by doing the same with pages in the following order:

32,17,30,19,28,21,26,23  then  18,31,20,29,22,27,24,25

48,33,46,35,44,37,42,39  then  34,47,36,45,38,43,40,41

64,49,62,51,60,53,58,55  then  50,63,52,61,54,59,56,57

80,65,78,67,76,69,74,71  then  66,79,68,77,70,75,72,73

96,81,94,83,92,85,90,87  then  82,95,84,93,86,91,88,89

112,97,110,99,108,101,106,103  then 98,111,100,109,102,107,104,105

128,113,126,115,124,117,122,119  then 114,127,116,125,118,123,120,121 (only needed for the English-Sudanese Dictionary)